Let's Get This Started!

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Any vague Black Eyed Peas reference in the title is unintentional; I'm just living my 90's child life. That life has taken a few twists and turns, but that is not to say it has been extraordinarily unique in any way. However, I have always had an itch to share and connect my experiences with others. This space is intended be a spot to meet that yearning! That being said, not everyone is interested in hearing my "stories" and that is ok. DISCLAIMER: This is not a good place for those people. For everyone else, this is a spot I intend to share all sorts of random nonsense to take or leave. Enjoy!

But why though?

There are numerous reasons I have wanted to build this space, but I have narrowed it down to a few to share today. They are as follows:

1) The Drive to Connect

  • As mentioned above, I have always enjoyed finding connection with people. Conversation comes easily for me and those who know me are aware of how long winded I can be (not sorry). It all comes down to my interest in understanding people better. As a way to amplify the opportunity to connect, I built this space to put thoughts and ideas into the world for people to take or leave at their leisure. I hope some will be of use and I am confident others will be overlooked...as they should be. Regardless of outcomes, creating this space unlocks positive potential and that is a good thing in my opinion.

2) Establish A Creative Outlet

  • I consume A LOT of artistic media. From YouTube, to books, to movies, to Netflix, to podcasts, and beyond, there is no doubt I spend a large chunk of time enjoying the artistic endeavors of others. I would often catch myself enjoying some form of media and wondering what it would be like if I tried my hand at similar feats. Over and over again the excuses of, "I'm not the creative type," or " I don't have time," would come up. Honestly though, it isn't fair for anyone to use those excuses. Creativity is like a muscle, take the time to work it out and it will get stronger, disregard it and it will become weak. Some people don't have a use for creativity and that is perfectly fair. Personally, I see mounds of potential in allowing myself to work on my creativity for both professional and personal reasons. So here I am... at the start of my "workout program." New year, new me?

3) Create A Spot for Other Projects

  • Blogs are great, but few people spend extended periods of time reading anymore. I am not ignorant to the fact that most people likely skimmed this (at best) and aren't reading at this point. The main reasons this blog exists is to further develop my writing skills and to cater connection to those who do enjoy reading. Aside from that, there are other projects that I would really enjoy putting into action; content that is more with the times and easier to consume on the go. That being said, I hope this can be the start of a collaborative space. A place where as I develop a project, I can get input from people like you, who did read this far! I am a firm believer that shared experience is much more powerful and enlightening than that of any one individual's. #Teamwork #Dreamwork

There, now that I typed that out and shared it, maybe I will be more likely to do it. This has been a long time coming and beginning the process is a way to keep me on track. You know...accountability and all that jazz! I look forward to sharing what comes next. Until then, stay awesome my friends!